Green Forest

The Green Forest brand of environmentally friendly household paper products enjoys a long history. The brand was born in 1990, created by Fort Howard, a medium-sized paper company based in Wisconsin. The combination of environmental friendliness, excellent product quality and economical prices was popular from the start, and Green Forest immediately became very successful, particularly in the Midwest, the West Coast and the Northeast.

By early 2006, Planet fulfilled its promise of improving the environmental characteristics of Green Forest. While Green Forest products were made with 100% recycled paper under Georgia-Pacific management, the post-consumer recycled content only averaged about 15% and the products were whitened using harmful chlorine. We felt that both of these key environmental characteristics could be improved upon.

Today, Green Forest products are made with 100% recycled content and with a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content. Green Forest products are also whitened without using chlorine, qualifying them as �Processed Chlorine Free� (PCF). The resulting product is soft, strong and absorbent.

With its improved environmental characteristics, Green Forest is growing steadily. While we are still small compared to the goliaths of the paper industry, we are now one of the largest manufacturers of environmentally friendly household products in North America! Buy Green Forest and make a difference in your environment!

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