Eggland's Best
In 1992, we set out to create a better egg. Egg consumption was in decline. Consumers were concerned about cholesterol, and fresh, quality eggs were hard to come by. So we asked ourselves how we could deliver the freshest, best-tasting, most-nutritious egg possible and make it accessible for everyone. Well, as the saying goes: “you are what you eat.” We understood that to create a better egg, it would have to be better from the start. Through rigorous research and careful sourcing, we formulated our own unique patented feed to give all of our hens a wholesome, all-vegetarian diet. This nutritionally superior diet means Eggland’s Best hens lay naturally superior eggs. So from our unique hen feed and strict quality standards, to our network of USDA-inspected local farms all over the United States, you can be confident that a classic, organic, or cage-free egg with the EB stamp on the shell is a nutritionally superior egg that delivers farm-fresh taste. That’s why Eggland’s Best are the country’s #1 egg.
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