ReGrained harvests grain from urban craft breweries and upcycles it into delicious, nutritious, and sustainable snacks. At ReGrained, we propose that “spent” beer grain instead be harvested and used to close a nutrient loop. In other words, we propose that the leftover grain be recovered from the waste stream and ReGrained. Why? Because ReGrained grain makes for a phenomenal food ingredient. It is high in protein (by weight, close to as much as almonds) and fiber (more than 3x that of oatmeal), low in sugar (the sugar ends up in the beer), and as most curious homebrewers inevitably discover, it has a great flavor (#yum). From our first product line of bars to those that will come in the form of breads, cookies, cereals, chips, and more—we will develop delicious products built around ReGrained grain. Our vision is to enable urban ecosystems to do more with less through creativity and innovation. With every decision, we seek to positively impact the community and planet in which we live and run our business. As consumers, we get to decide what matters most through what we choose to buy. ReGrained’s mantra is simple: “Brew Good. Bake Good. Do Good.” We invite you to join us in raising the bar together. Cheers to having your beer...and eating it too,
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