Ever since the early days, GURU has always been driven by this idea of crafting the best natural energy drink out there. Founded in Montreal during the summer of 1999 by four college friends, the company marketed the world's first all-natural energy drink. More than 15 years later, this vision is not only fulfilled but is also thriving and expanding worldwide. GURU has become the #1 Organic Energy Drink in Canada and the US in the Health Channel thanks to a strong network of distribution partnerships and a passionate sales team. With research & development at the forefront of our expansion, GURU now tackles a new market and adventure with the recent introduction of our Energy Waters. This new line of product arrives just in time to satisfy a growing demand for organic sugar and calorie-free energy beverages. In short, GURU has and will always believe that energy should not come at the expense of health. That is what has brought our company a steady and organic growth.
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