Bakers' Southern Traditions Peanuts "From the Baker Family Farm To You" Peanuts are our passion, and only the best peanuts we grow will do! It is our family tradition to use only the best Virginia-type peanuts that we grow on our farm to make our peanut snacks. From the lightly salted Blister Fried and Carolina Cajun peanuts, to the scrumptious Chocolate Covered peanuts, and the Jumbo Roasted in the shell, all of our peanuts are sorted again and again until we have the very best to share. We would like to share these delicious peanuts from our farm with you, and are certain that you will find them as satisfying as we do. Our hope is you will enjoy the taste of the Bakers' Southern Traditions so much that you tell your friends about us as well! We look forward to hearing from you and providing you the best tasting peanuts you have every experienced. Sincerely, The Baker Family
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