Coleman Natural
We produce all-natural fresh and prepared meats sourced from American farmers, and served to American families across the country. Our high standards for animal care and quality ingredients have been part of our family business since the beginning. We believe saying "NO" is a good thing. If it’s not right for the families we serve and the animals our farmers raise, we say "NO" and always will. In addition to ensuring our farmers never use antibiotics, added growth hormones or promotants, we never use artificial ingredients in our products and keep things as simple as possible. We pioneer standards in animal care. The Coleman family worked with the USDA to define what the term "natural" meant in the meat industry to ensure consumers were confident in the quality products they were putting on their plates. We didn't have to change the way we operate to meet American Humane Certified™ standards, their 200+ standards have always been ingrained in our raising practices. We are one of only two pork producers in the country to hold this certification. We are the first to be 100% Crate Free nationally, which means our hogs are raised in environments that eliminate confinement and allow them to express normal behavior, with ample space to move during gestation and upon giving birth to their litter.
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