Glaum Egg Ranch
The Glaum Egg Ranch continues to work diligently to achieve full circle sustainability on the farm. We are continuously audited by government entities and third party organizations throughout each year, to guarantee we are upholding our quality products and values. The Certified Humane label declares that we believe in the welfare of all our hens from the moment they arrive on the farm and begin laying eggs. Our hen houses are equipped with advanced automated systems that are programmed to bring food and water directly to the hens, collect eggs for processing and packaging, and carry the chicken manure away to the compost facility. Glaum Egg Ranch takes great pride in our organic standing with the USDA National Organic Program. This qualification ensures that we raise our birds and process our eggs with the utmost quality and care for the environment. The cycle of sustainability includes collecting the water from the egg wash process and treating it on-site. Through our continuous efforts to seek sustainability, we can help to reduce the farm’s carbon footprint without compromising the health of our hens and the quality of our eggs.
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