Our story begins in Akron, Ohio, during World War II. Goldie Lippman was a supervisor in one of Akron's many rubber factories, manufacturing life rafts and rubber products for the war effort, where she and her co-workers discovered how difficult it was to clean their hands after a day’s work. The men who had worked in the rubber factories before the war had dipped their hands in chemicals like kerosene and benzene at the end of a shift in order to remove the graphite and carbon black. These harsh chemicals took a toll on workers’ hands, and Goldie and her husband Jerry set out to find a better solution. This kindled the spirit of innovation that led to the founding of GOJO in 1946. Over the following decades, we expanded into broader skincare solutions for virtually every away-from-home market, from foodservice establishments to healthcare facilities, from cruise ships to schools. In 1988, we invented PURELL® Hand Sanitizer, creating a new way for employees, patrons, students, teachers, and everyone else to clean their hands away from the sink, reducing the spread of disease-causing germs. The development of PURELL® Hand Sanitizer was a turning point, and, in 1997, we launched this breakthrough innovation into the consumer market, allowing people everywhere to have convenient access to hand hygiene. Today, PURELL® remains America’s #1 Hand Sanitizer1 and can be found all over the world, anywhere that people care about keeping people healthy and well.
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