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We always remember firsts. The first man on the moon. The first computer. The first African American President. And the first line of premium Halal chicken products in mainstream stores. It took an entrepreneur with an engineering degree to bring healthy humanely-processed Halal chicken to America’s dinner tables. In 1996, Ahmad Adam sold his first fresh, nutritious chicken. Today, Crescent Foods is the largest provider of premium Halal poultry and meat across the United States. No other company has to date been able to offer the variation in the number of cuts of products and numerous forms of packaging to retail stores, restaurants and institutions. At Crescent Foods, we pride ourselves in being the first company to offer such a wide variety of Halal chicken and beef products in premium packaging to stores across the country. We pride ourselves in raising and processing the chickens and cattle in humane conditions, while ensuring that the entire farm-to- fork philosophy adheres to the strictest ethical guidelines. We are grateful for your trust and confidence in Crescent Foods. We hope you continue to join us on this journey and support our pure and simple products.
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