Smashmallow Foods
Founded in 2016 as Sonoma Brands’ second incubated concept, SmashMallow is redefining permissible indulgence and striving to build America’s next iconic confectionary company. Made with organic and simple ingredients, it’s a guilt-free, every-day, any-time of day treat for your taste buds. NO ORDINARY MARSHMALLOW A blast of wow, a sprinkling of fun and a carnival of yum are packed into every whipped-to-perfection treat. Made with organic cane sugar, naturally gluten free and deliciously non-GMO ingredients, it’s just like you remember - only better. We believe in transporting your taste buds. ​​A fantastical flavor journey, sure to surprise and delight. Experience the classic combinations you know and love with a sweetly satisfying twist. Join our SNACKAPADE™.
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