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All of our recipes were handed down from our Nonna Foti, who grew up in Sicily. She didn't use preservatives. She didn't use fillers. She didn't use anything that wasn't available in her pantry. And neither do we. Her unwavering commitment to quality inspired our obsession with "no," as well as a character that brings her spirit to life. Each day, we use only the finest ingredients to make our dishes. Each meal we make is cooked to ensure the richest flavor. For example, other companies throw raw, diced onions into their meals. At Michael Angelo's, we sauté our onions and garlic until perfectly caramelized and then add them to our dishes at the same stage you would if you were making them at home. It's the only way to get a richer-tasting meal with unparalleled depth and flavor. It takes more time and effort to grind our own meat, grate our cheese and boil our pasta to a perfect al dente, but cooking as if we were putting each meal on your plate (and not in a box) is the only way to ensure the integrity of the dishes we love.
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