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Our mission at Boulder Organic Foods is to make better food available to everyone. Our organic and gluten-free meal solutions are better for our health, our happiness, our communities, our farms, and our planet. It’s the positive domino effect that can only come from cooking with sustainably-sourced real food, by hand, in small batches. That’s how we make each meal make a difference. In 2006, Kate was searching for a fresh, pre-made soup in my local grocery store. She chose a refrigerated soup, but felt a chill as she read the ingredient list: stabilizers, preservatives, flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and artificial ingredients. She was shocked. This wasn’t the simple, nourishing, homemade soup she grew up eating. How did we get so far away from real soup? How hard could it be to make soup with all organic ingredients? She started cooking for family and friends to recreate the recipes we remembered and in 2008 her efforts became Boulder Organic Foods. Since then, her scratch-made organic and gluten-free recipes have put real soup back on the table for families nationwide.
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