Mrs Cubbisons
Sophie Cubbison grew up on a lima bean farm, and by the age of sixteen, she was cooking for her father, brothers and more than 40 farm laborers. She cooked and baked 5 meals a day out of 2 horse-drawn mobile kitchens. Her father, who had come to the US from Germany, taught Sophie his mother's recipe for 100% whole wheat bread. Sophie graduated from college with a degree in home economics (California Polytechnical University), one of eight women in a class of 25. She paid her way through school with the money she earned feeding the farm workers. Sophie and Harry took out a $300 loan to open their first health food bakery with a mill to grind their own 100% whole-wheat flour. Sophie baked bread 3 days a week and spent another 3 days a week giving product demonstrations in local delicatessens and markets. The Mayo Brothers Clinic introduced a headline-making, 18-day diet for actress Ethel Barrymore, and it gained popularity across the nation. The diet, which encouraged the regular use of Melba toast, brought the Cubbisons so much business that they had to operate three plants day and night to keep up with the demand. Mrs. Cubbison took her products to Walter Ralphs and Charles Von der Ahe, and Ralphs and Vons grocery stores became the company's first big clients
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