Marich Pancrafted Chocolates
Marinus van Dam grew up in his native Holland during World War II. To help support his family, at the age of 15 Marinus found a job at a local candy factory. His job was to take a sheet of metal and scrape up the candy that had become stuck on the factory floor. He tirelessly worked the 4 floors of the building every day. His endless curiosity and work ethic caught the attention of management and he was selected to attend Candy Technology School paid for by the company (very progressive for 1945!) This pattern repeated until he learned every aspect of candy making from the finest hand-made chocolates to jellies, caramel, taffy, nougat, gum, mints, licorice and more. In 1957, Marinus left Holland to come to America where he heard the streets were paved with gold. After working for a small confectionery company in Ohio, he heard of a larger company in California that was hiring so off he went to join the Wild West. To his great fortune, he landed the job and spent the better part of his career at that company helping to build it into one of the finest companies in the US. After a lifetime of working for others, he felt it was time to venture out on his own. In 1983 Marinus and several partners founded Marich Confectionery Company. We (Brad and Troy pictured left) started working at the company sweeping floors and cleaning before being granted the right to learn the craft. Our dad’s philosophy was, “You cannot be a leader if you do not understand the job from the ground up. Once you learn how to keep a plant clean, you can learn how to make candy. ”Being old-school Dutch, our Dad put us to the tasks of cleaning toilets, sweeping, making boxes and whatever had to be done. Over the years we both learned the art of fine candy making alongside our Dad. True to family business form, we also learned to weld stainless, sweat copper, install equipment, electrical work and all the types of things that have to be done to keep a business running.” Anyone reading this that works in a family business is smiling…you know what we’re talking about!
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