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It all started with ONE retail store, a candy stove and a young candy maker. After years of studying the art of handcrafting small batches of premium chocolates, founder Dan Abel came back to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri to open his own candy company. His creations were the result of years of apprenticing with master candy makers across the country. In February of 1981, the young candy maker opened his first Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company store. His concept was simple - source the finest ingredients in the world and blend them together in small batches. Today, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company is an award-winning 2nd generation chocolate company. At the heart of the company is a family of candy makers who work alongside a talented staff of artisan chocolatiers with over 100 years of combined confectionery experience. Original recipes from the turn of the century are slowly cooked into copper kettles and stirred by hand. Chocolates are hand decorated or ‘striped’ and polished before packaged into boxes. Premium ingredients are used in all of our chocolates including fresh whole milk, fresh whipping cream, pure cane sugar, grade AA butter, pure Madagascar Vanilla, fresh fruit and all natural milk and dark chocolate made with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients. In 2014, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company made one of the most significant changes in its company history - converted 100% of the Cocoa and Cane Sugar to become Fair Trade Certified™. Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients provide farmers a better wage and better quality of life. 100% of the Fair Trade premiums that Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Company pays goes directly to the Cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast and Sugar farmers in Belize. This is just one way we are CHANGING THE WORLD WITH CHOCOLATE! Every day, our family works alongside a staff of some of the most talented candy makers in the world! It is our pleasure and honor to handmake your chocolates - one batch at a time!
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