Willamette Valley Pie Co
Willamette Valley Pie Company was started in 1999 by the Gerald Roth family, who has been growing berries locally in Salem for three generations. What began in 1999 as a small cannery-style operation in a backyard warehouse has quickly turned into WVFC being one of the Northwest’s leading processors of high-quality berry products. WVFC is a family-owned business, not a cooperative, but we work closely with an additional 20-30 local growers each year in order to supply all of our markets. Each summer we process, on average, 12 million pounds of fruit. We do strawberries, raspberries, boysenberries, blueberries, a large variety of blackberries, cranberries and the local favorite, Marionberries. Though the majority of our fruit is flash-frozen (IQF), we also make purees, straight-pack products and drum stock. These products are generally sold on the commodity market to domestic and foreign users who will combine berries with other ingredients to manufacture food products of their own. In 2001, WVFC purchased a pie company from a neighbor just down the road. We’d been supplying LaSuisse Specialty Foods the fruit for their pies and when they decided to sell their business we jumped at the opportunity, not only because it was a natural fit for us, but because the company had notoriety with the locals for having pies ‘as good as grandma’s!’ We continue to use their original recipes and build the pies from scratch using all-natural ingredients. Since acquiring the business we have added to the product line, supplying grocery stores, farm stands and restaurants in the region with pies, cobblers, 2-pound bags of frozen fruit, freezer jam, jar jam, honey, syrup and fruit snack bars. Most of our retail product line is also available for school and non-profit fundraisers. We also do custom pack private-label products for a few well-known National Brand companies which keeps our bakery busy all year. With the desire to connect directly with the local people who buy our products, we added another layer to our business and opened a Farm Store in February of 2009.
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