Indoor. Nurtured. Controlled. Vertical Farming. Indoor farms are built to create the perfect environment for plants, reducing the unpredictability from changing climates. By giving plants exactly what they want, we can make them taste exactly how they should. At Plenty We grow things. We do so to address a very real need. The need to change the way we eat and the impact we have on our planet. We are a collective of growers, innovators, engineers, scientists, artists, foodies and plant romantics working to improve the quality of plants, people, and planetary health. On a mission to change the way we do food. Plenty harnesses the technology of tomorrow to grow crops with the flavor and quality of the past. By bridging different disciplines for cross-functional collaboration, we make this mission possible. We’re not just growing fancy kale in fancy boxes. We believe that delicious food should not be a commodity, but accessible to all. We ensure our plants live their best life and give them everything they need to be their best right out of the box. That means we don't use Pesticides or GMO's and there's no need to wash. We’ll be honest. Transparency really matters to us. That’s why we make sure all of our products are fully traceable, from seed to store to your taste buds. From renewable energy consumption to earth-digestible packaging, we are revolutionizing sustainable practices in agriculture to narrow the impact our food production has on the planet.
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