Brooklyn Bred
Once upon a time, in 1930, our grandfather would immigrate to America, open a storefront bakery, and bake fresh and delicious old-world breads for his new-found Brooklyn neighbors. He would call his bakery Damascus Bakery, in homage to his motherland. Today, now a few generations later, our family pays homage to our Brooklyn roots with our newborn brand name: BROOKLYN BRED® SINCE 1930. And why not? These days Brooklyn is the name to be, the place to be, and for those with the guts, the way to be! Just one bite into our edgy, award- winning Brooklyn Bred® Bistro Breads and you’ll get a real taste of generations of baking still at work. Hey, who knows bread like a Brooklynite, right? We love baking for our Brooklyn Community, and for your community, too. Every day, every loaf is an opportunity for us to bake authentic- and truly outspoken—BRED that reaches out—and speaks out—to all, no doubt with a Brooklyn Accent!
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