Greyston Bakery
We don't hire people to bake brownies, we bake brownies to hire people. Greyston's history is rich and comes from a place of true caring and acceptance. In 1982, Bernie, a Brooklyn-born Zen Buddhism teacher, was living with his students in a home called Greyston Mansion located north of Manhattan. Along with the Zen Community of New York (ZCNY), Bernie opened a small bakery café nearby as a way to employ the students. The café successfully supported the students, but Bernie wanted to do more. His Buddhist beliefs drew him to community development and work with the homeless and unemployed. His opportunity came when the mayor of Yonkers invited the ZCNY to move the business to his city. At the time, Yonkers had the highest per capita homeless population in the country. The ZCNY sold Greyston Mansion, closed the café, and moved into one of Yonkers’ most troubled neighborhoods. There, an abandoned lasagna factory became home to Greyston Bakery. We bake 35,000 pounds of brownies every day and ship them to Ben & Jerry’s for some of their best-loved ice cream flavors. Greyston Bakery meets the highest industry standards as a Unilever supplier, our brownies are featured on Delta Airlines international flights, and we produce award-winning brownies for sale at Whole Foods Market. We hire every one of our bakers without asking any questions or making any judgments.
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