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Gourmet Garden loves herbs and spices, we strive to make your everyday cooking easier and more enjoyable. Fresh herbs and spices make a difference when added to any meal: their flavor, color, aroma. Let’s be honest, when you are busy, particularly during the week, fresh herbs aren’t practical. Avoid wilt guilt... no more throwing out countless bunches of slimy blackened and wilted herbs after only a few days. Our herbs stay fresh for weeks with no waste so you can have a herb garden ready when you are every day. At Gourmet Garden we know how important our farming practices are. That's why we grow all our herbs with love. We are passionate about delivering your fresh herbs with TLC (tender, loving, care) from our farms to your plate. Your herbs start their life as a little seed on broad acre farms in Queensland and Victoria. The herbs are cared for, fed and grown organically by our dedicated group of farmers who are truly passionate about producing fresh herbs that are brimming with essential oils, which is the key to unlocking the flavor, aroma and color of herbs. Years of research and work has been invested into finding the optimum conditions and care for each variety of herb..
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