Sabor Mexicano
All five of Jorge Saldana’s senses can still evoke his mother’s cooking for his nine siblings in his childhood kitchen in Guadalajara, Mexico. Rising in the air, the scent of fresh cilantro – pulled into pieces, not chopped to release its truest flavor – smashed garlic, coarsely cut onions and just ripe tomatoes still conjure delicious memories of home. In 2011 Jorge created Sabor Mexicano Foods in response to his customers continued requests to sell his signature fresh salsas and handmade corn tortilla chips to go and in stores. Hands on with everything, each new product starts in Jorge’s kitchen in Guerneville. Meeting first the standards of his own paladar, or palate, it’s then presented to his family for approval, and if it passes their test, then it goes to the restaurants and if the customers fall in love, then a part of the Sabor Mexicano Foods product line it will become. Never compromising on the integrity of his packaged foods, Sabor Mexicano continues to grow, introducing authentic, all-natural Mexican products made by hand, with love, and selling goods in markets all over California.
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