Amanda and Drew’s story began as many great stories do, in a kindergarten classroom probably during snack time. It was the Fall of ’91 in Easton, MA when the two became close friends and bonded over their love of sports. Dedication, hustle and a competitive spirit throughout their school years landed them both D1 athletic scholarships, with Amanda playing soccer and Drew running track. As athletes, Amanda and Drew paid close attention to nutrition. But while many aisles in the grocery store were stocked with better-for-you options, ice cream was seriously lacking. You could either save calories by sacrificing taste or reach for the super-premium options that offered little-to-no nutritional value. Not very cool. So, Amanda and Drew took this as a challenge and tackled this problem head-on by going to ice cream camp (yup, really). It was there where a simple yet revolutionary idea first took shape: frozen Greek yogurt. Today Yasso offers 18 delectable varieties of stick bars, 9 pints and 4 snack-sized items available in grocery stores across the country, plus an array of limited-edition seasonal flavors, and thanks to an uncompromising drive to change the game, Yasso continues to leapfrog legacy brands up the list of top desserts.

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