Coconuts were a part of daily life for Henry growing up in Fiji so it was only natural he would create COYO® – the world's first coconut yogurt. As the eldest son of six children, his job was to collect coconuts for dinner, scrape out the succulent white flesh, grate it and squeeze it into milk for the family’s evening meal — usually a coconut curry. While kids in the United States shelled peas, Henry scraped coconuts. There was an implicit understanding amongst the Fijian people that coconuts were not only delicious, but very nourishing. In June 2009, Henry was living a semi-retired life with his wife Sandra on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, their seven children all grown up. Henry had been searching for a new way to bring the benefits of coconut to the world – something that hadn’t been done before. That’s when his lightbulb moment struck. At around 3am on a Sunday morning he sat up in bed and thought "I’m going to make yogurt out of coconuts". It took six months of daily testing, handcrafting batch after batch, for Henry to perfect Australia’s first coconut yogurt alternative: COYO®. Since originally launching in 2010, demand for COYO® has continued to grow, and with the help from friends, we have been able to share COYO® with world. COYO® is now made in New Mexico under the watchful eye of our Albuquerque team- foodies with a passionate eye for purity, integrity and ethical food production. We hope that COYO® ’s addictively delicious charms will inspire you to eat well, live well and be happy.
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