Nature's Bakery
We’re Nature’s Bakery. Founded in 2011 by father and son bakers, Dave & Sam Marson, we believe simple, wholesome snacks are the best fuel for active, joyful lives. Our snacks are equal parts nutritious and delicious. From hearty whole grains to sun-ripened fruit, what we bake in is just as important as what we leave out. Dave Marson learned early on that quality ingredients matter. A product of the 1960s natural food movement, Dave’s personal philosophy on life is what drives Nature’s Bakery today: ”Keep things simple, have fun, and balance life with nature, activity, healthy choices & community.” Soon after teaming up with his son, the Marsons small endeavor grew to become the Nature’s Bakery of today, baking up delicious, on-the-go soft-baked snacks to nourish families across the country.
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