Taro Bites
Taro is re-imagining homestyle food for busy families with a focus on fresh, authentic, and traditional food from around the world. Taro was born out of the kitchen of an educator in Palo Alto, who found very high demand for her delicious food in the local community, and has now grown to a brand serving tens of thousands of families all over the West Coast. Our signature dishes have been co-created using customer feedback from our most loyal customers through our meal subscription at www.tarobites.com. Our recipes are carefully chosen with an emphasis on nutrition for the whole family. Our ingredients are come from local purveyors and we use all natural poultry. We pride in making food that’s tasty without using overly high salt, spices, or colors and preservatives unlike the average restaurant. We like to make the food the whole family can enjoy together, and the kids ask for more! Our food comes in convenient portable packaging, so you can also carry it to lunch.
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