Uncle Eddie's
We are one of the original cage-free egg farms in Northern California, hailing from Petaluma, aka "Egg Basket of the World." Now, of course, there are many copy cats, but we were one of the first to raise cage-free hens and unlike most other chicken farmers, we have never raised a caged chicken. So what does this all mean? It means that we have been raising our hens the right way, for the longest time, so we have the experience to make sure that our hens and our customers are happy. We have a great old guy named Eddy who everyone loves and who has been helping us pack our eggs for a long time. He even has an affable wife named Daisy. Our Uncle Eddie’s carton breaks all the rules because we believe that people tend to take things a little too seriously, so we decided to have some fun with our egg carton. We hope you love our egg carton and our eggs as much as we do. Things were moving so fast that I don't know when it happened. All I know is that Uncle Eddie has all of our nieces and nephews in the hen house with catcher's mitts and the wild hens were up in the rafters (as usual) and everybody was catching eggs as fast as they could. And I said to Uncle Eddie, "These eggs aren't just for our friends and neighbors anymore, it looks like we're in the egg business!" And as he drove past me, making a heroic catch (for an old codger), he yelled out, "I hate to admit it, Daisy, but I think you're right!"
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