Boulder Canyon
Even the most casual snack fan can identify the unique crunch found in a Boulder Canyon chip. If you look closely you’ll see hundreds of tiny bubbles cooked across the face of our chips. This is a result of Don and Jay’s revolutionary kettle-cooking method pioneered in Boulder, Colorado back in 1994. The brothers were not unlike today’s modern craft beer manufacturers in their insatiable pursuit of a great tasting product unfettered by market restrictions. Don and Jay weren’t out to build a business as much as they were simply trying to make the best potato chip the world had ever tasted. They would use premium American-grown potatoes and cook them in the small batch kettle process they had identified as optimal. They would use premium sunflower, safflower, olive and avocado oils that allowed for higher cooking temperatures. Not only that, but they would avoid inexpensive flavorings and instead choose only natural ingredients. They would strive to make the best tasting potato chip that ever was, and they would figure out whether there was a market for it after the fact (spoiler alert: there is!).

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