CHEVOO was created by Gerard and Susan Tuck, two Aussies who moved to California with their three young children. Good food and laughter shared amongst friends and family has always been a central and important aspect of their laid-back, fun-loving lifestyle. Marinated goat cheese was a staple in their Aussie home for many years—a much loved ingredient for any barbecue, dinner party, or home-cooked meal. As passionate food lovers with a taste for adventure, they were inspired to create a new, unique range of marinated goat cheeses in the U.S., drawing on the abundant farm lands of local Northern California, the U.S. and beyond. CHEVOO is made from the highest quality goat curd, hand-blended with new and delectable combinations of spices, herbs, chilies and pollens–then paired with an Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) that has been 8 weeks infused with crushed botanicals. The combination of flavor profiles in both the goat cheese and infused oil makes CHEVOO quite unique. CHEVOO will sit proudly on any dinner table or kitchen counter, surrounded by friends who want to taste new creations, captured in a modern setting, with a respectful tip of the hat to old world traditions and ingredients.
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