Hebrew National
OUR STANDARDS HAVE BEEN STRICT SINCE 1905. Our strict process makes sure that every hot dog is made with premium cuts of 100% Kosher beef because in a world that feels like it has less rules, we think hot dogs should still have some. By now you know that we take our hot dogs very seriously. Better and smarter eating is more than just one of the latest food trends. It’s the very foundation of how we prepare the premium quality beef franks your family loves! Selecting exclusively from North American beef, our brand of hot dogs uses only the premium cuts from the front half of the cow, and then we pick the best from that. Quality, cleanliness and consistency are integral components of our production process. We ensure that our premium hot dogs are free of artificial ingredients, fillers and by-products. This way you can be sure you’re serving your family only the very best. We create our all-beef hot dogs under the strict supervision of an independent kosher certifying agency. Those high standards ensure nothing less than a premium family frank! Our unique blend of quality premium beef and spices gives our hot dogs the mouthwatering flavor that families have loved for generations. And when you’re sure that the entire family will enjoy the taste, it takes the guesswork out of dinnertime!
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