Sonoma Brinery
In 2004, with fresh cucumbers out of his own garden, David Ehreth started making true, salt cured kosher pickles reminiscent of the ones you could grab out of a barrel in a New York deli. Met with wild enthusiasm, we created a line of pickles and sauerkraut fermented in the traditional method, and Alexander Valley Gourmet, Home of Sonoma Brinery was born. Located in Healdsburg, California, surrounded by vines and wines, and an appreciation for slow and fermented food, our fresh and delicious products came at the perfect time. Our family run business is a labor of love, and the sense of community and family runs deep with our employees. Our focus remains the same to this day: To enrich the lives of our customers by bringing them delicious, all naturally fermented food that tastes great, adds a good sized dose of health benefits with each serving, and available at an affordable price.
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