Wild Friends
One rainy day at the University of Oregon, we were in our college apartment, scraping the bottom of yet another empty jar of peanut butter. As hungry college students and athletes, we ate a lot of peanut butter, and on this occasion, neither of us felt like biking to the store in the rain to buy more. So, we decided to try making our own! That day, Wild Friends was born. Less than a year later, we left our college lives behind to pursue our peanut butter dreams. Since starting Wild Friends in 2011, we’ve launched dozens of new flavors of nut and seed butter that are sold in thousands of stores across the country. Through all these changes, one thing has stayed the same: Our passion for delicious products made with the healthiest wholesome ingredients we can find. We’re on a mission to make food friendly. Our purpose is to create the friendly products and friendly company we want to see in the world. We believe friendly food is delicious, fun and convenient, as well as nutritious. We promise to always make our products with short lists of clean ingredients, excluding palm oil, excess sugar, and artificial anything. We believe a friendly company works in partnership with our ingredient suppliers and manufacturing partners to deliver the highest standards of taste and quality to our customers, leaving our planet better than we found it in the process. We create and protect policies that support happy and healthy employees, and we give back to our community through initiatives with Girls Inc and other local nonprofits. We each have the power to make our world a little friendlier today - for us, it starts with food.
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