Edison Grainery
Edison Grainery is the culmination of decades of experience and a search for a better and healthier life. Little did Jeffrey and Amy Barnes know thirty years ago that their experiences would manifest in their very own company, dedicated to organic integrity and cultivating relationships. But it did. Jeffrey started out with ConAgra, working as the VP of specialty grains. Winter life in Nebraska, however, was cold! In one such January, Amy and her daughter, Lyndsy, took a trip out to San Francisco for a food show and there was SUN, and there were tulips blooming. They realized that they wanted to make a move to a place better-suited for their health. So, in the late 80’s, Jeffrey was able to take his experience with the specialty grains and translate it into a new endeavor in California. It focused on developing and selling flours and oats that were "identity preserved" which helped fuel the artisan bread movement of the time. Through that, he continued forging relationships with farmers and growers, working with them to grow products in better and more sustainable ways. From his decades of work in the industry, he knew how much the raw ingredients cost, and Jeffrey saw that other companies marked up products sometimes 200%, maybe more. He got to the point where he could not stand it anymore- that the people who were truly trying to take care of their health and the planet had to pay such extraordinary prices, out of reach for many Americans. That was the dawn of Edison Grainery. At the very core of Edison Grainery is commitment to integrity- that is number one as is providing organic foods at affordable prices.
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