Dorot Gardens specializes in developing, producing and marketing of frozen seasoning products all over the world. The company was established in 1992 and is fully owned by Kibbutz Dorot in the southern part of Israel. The kibbutz has more than 3,500 acres of field crops – garlic & herbs – which are picked, and then immediately chopped, packaged and frozen in a unique fast freeze process, maintaining their taste, freshness and nutritive value. Like all great ideas, the idea of crushed garlic came up as an answer to a clear consumer need: small garlic cloves which consumers simply did not like. In the end of the 1980’s one of the Kibbutz members turned his home into the first experimentation laboratory and worked on what would years later become Dorot Gardens’ flagship product: frozen crushed garlic. Our first plant for crushed garlic production was established in Kibbutz Dorot in 1992, in a caravan. And the rest, as they say – is History. Over the years, the company has grown and expanded, and is today the largest supplier in Israel of fresh frozen seasoning products.
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