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Local to San Francisco: Acme Bread Company

Jessica N August 19, 2022

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Meet Acme Bread Company

Get to know Acme Bread Company, a beloved local bakery committed to making the finest breads and baked goods in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In 1983, Acme became the original trailblazer for high-quality artisanal breads when they opened a wholesale business to meet the needs of local restaurants. Steven and Suzie Sullivan, veterans of the culinary world, founded Acme with the simple and humble motto, to "strive to make the best bread that we possibly can!" 

Their persistence and steadfast commitment to their products over the years has been nothing short of impressive. As their bakery has scaled, the quality of their products only continues to evolve and improve. In 1999, Acme was one of the first bakeries in the country to transition to using 100% organic flour, partnering with multi-generational farmer Ken Guisto to grow and develop the blends that are used in their products. Acme's attention to craft and artistry results in exactly what you might expect: an unparalleled product.

At Farmstead, we work with Acme Bread Company to bring freshly baked products straight from their ovens to your door in a matter of hours. We currently carry 11 of Acme's best-selling products. 

Organic Wheat Stalk Bread (Pain d'Epi)


In Acme's words: This dough is leavened with a long-fermented bakers yeast-based liquid starter. We hand-mould all of the breads that we term 'rustic' and bake them in stone-hearth ovens. The Baguettes and other loaves that we make from this dough generally have a chewier crust and more irregular interior structure than their counterparts made from our Sweet Dough.

Shop Acme Organic Wheat Stalk Bread >>

Organic Ciabatta Roll


In Acme's words: Our Ciabatta is Italian-style rustic sweet dough that is very airy and light inside and with a crispy crust that is dusted with flour. It is a long, semi-flat loaf about the size of a standard keyboard.

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Organic Sweet Baguette


In Acme's words: Not to be mistaken for 'sweet' dessert or breakfast bread that contains sugar. Sweet here refers to a flavor and crust texture milder than a sourdough. A wonderful bread for all purposes and especially for highlighting the flavor of an olive oil or mild cheese.

Shop Acme Organic Sweet Baguette >>

Organic Cranberry Whole Wheat Walnut Loaf


In Acme's words: Our Cranberry Whole Wheat Walnut loaf is made out of the same naturally-leavened dough as our Whole Wheat Walnut, with the addition of dried cranberries and raisins. It is distinguished by its thick, crispy crust and a single slash running down the loaf.

Shop Acme Organic Cranberry Whole Wheat Walnut Loaf >>

Organic French White Bread Loaf (Pain de Mie)


In Acme's words: A sweet dough that also contains milk, butter and sugar. It is soft and smooth in texture with a closely knit crumb and mild crust. In French terminology, the outside of a bread is the croute or crust, and the inside of a bread is the mie or crumb. Pain de Mie is traditionally baked in closed molds or pans in order to minimize the amount of crust and maximize the amount of crumb, or mie.

Shop Acme Organic Pain de Mie >>

Organic Sour Loaf


In Acme's words: Acme’s Sour Loaf is made out of the same dough as our Sour Baguette and Sour Batard. Sour Loaf is great for sandwiches (especially a grilled cheese!). It can also be used as table bread, for house-made croutons, toast, or for stuffing on special occasions. Depending on how you slice it you can make up to 4-5 sandwiches out of it.

Shop Acme Organic Sour Loaf >>

Organic Olive Bread


In Acme's words: If you are looking for a Kalamata (black) olive bread you will need to look elsewhere because ours is made with fruity, lightly cured, green olives. This olive bread is naturally leavened with a sponge that is started from a piece of our whole wheat levain.

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Organic Torpedo


In Acme's words: A sweet dough that also contains milk, butter and sugar. It is soft and smooth in texture with a closely knit crumb and mild crust.

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Organic Whole Wheat Seed Rolls


In Acme's words: Acme's Whole Wheat Seed Deli Rolls are made out of the same dough as their Whole Wheat Seed Loaf. The dough is made with organic whole wheat flour and honey, with the addition of poppy, sesame, and sunflower seeds. Whole Wheat Seed Deli Rolls are ideal for making sandwiches such as pastrami, roasted vegetables, or even grilled cheese. These rolls are highly recommended for a classic turkey sandwich as well. You can even eat the rolls as they are for a hearty snack.

Shop Acme Organic Whole Wheat Seed Rolls >>

Organic Almond Croissant


In Acme's words: A classic butter croissant filled with almond paste and topped with toasted almonds. Almond Croissants are the perfect breakfast snack or treat. Enjoy one with your coffee or just as is.

Shop Acme Organic Almond Croissant >>

Organic Sweet Round


In Acme's words: Acme's Sweet Round Small is made out of sweet dough which is leavened with baker’s yeast. Sweet Round Small is an excellent bread bowl alternative to our Sour Round Small. However, it might be rather large for an individual serving. It is great for dipping, table bread, croutons, and more.

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